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Shape Your Story: Self-Exploration Through Clay w/ Soul Atlas

Shape Your Story: Self-Exploration Through Clay w/ Soul Atlas

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Wednesday, July 24th from 6:00-8:00 PM, Swefieh Village Rooftop

Workshop Overview

Join us for "Shape Your Story," a transformative clay art modeling session that combines creativity with self-reflection. This workshop is designed for men, women, and teenagers to explore their individuality and connect with their inner selves through the therapeutic art of sculpting. You will create an abstract art piece that symbolizes your personal journey and essence.

What to Expect:
Clay Sculpting & Modeling: Learn techniques and gain inspiration to mold your unique piece of art. Self-Reflection Exercise: Engaging writing activity that encourages self-discovery and mindfulness.

Group Discussion: Share your experiences and insights in a supportive community.
Take Home Your Art: Walk away with a tangible representation of your self-expression and creativity.

Who Should Attend:
This workshop is open to all men, women, and teenagers who are interested in exploring their creativity, enhancing their self-awareness, and connecting with others in a meaningful way. No prior experience with clay or art is necessary-just bring your willingness to discover and express your true self!


Introduction and Welcome (10 minutes)
- Welcome participants
- Brief overview of the workshop objectives and structure

Thought-Provoking Talk (10 minutes)
- Engage participants with a talk on self-exploration and the power of creativity
- Discuss the concept of individuality and personal expression through art

Guided Writing Reflection Exercise (20 minutes)
- Participants will reflect on their personal journeys and write down their thoughts and feelings
- Prompts and guidance will be provided to encourage deep reflection and self-discovery

Clay Art Modeling Session (70 minutes)
- Introduction to basic clay modeling techniques
- Participants will create their abstract art pieces representing their personal stories
- Facilitators will be available to offer tips

Group Sharing and Discussion (10 minutes)
- Participants will have the opportunity to share their art pieces and the stories behind them
- Encouraging a supportive and open environment for sharing insights and experiences

Tickets can only be refunded if cancellation is made 48 hours before the workshop

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