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Laughter Yoga w/ Suman Suneja

Laughter Yoga w/ Suman Suneja

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Wednesday, July 3rd from 6:00-6:40 PM, Rooftop Swefieh Village

What is Laughter Yoga? 

Laughter Yoga (LY) is based on the principle that the body-mind is unable to tell apart genuine laughter from simulated laughter. In a typical session, the laughter yoga master skillfully conducts several exercises which eventually produces genuine laughter and joy. These exercises are blended yogic breathing which facilitates the oxygenation of major organs and invigorates the mind.

Benefits of Laughter Yoga:

  • Demolishes anxiety, breaks down inhibitions, hence promotes goodwill between people. Therefore, effective for team building.
  • Releases hormones such as endorphin and reduces stress hormone cortisol, creating feelings of joy and euphoria.
  • Leads to slower heart rate and improved immune system.
  • Defuses destructive emotions such as fear, stress, anxiety, and apathy.
  • The breathing component of Laughter Yoga oxygenates major organs resulting in high energy - inspiring excellent ventilation, wonderful rest, and profound release

Don't forget to bring your own mat!

About the instructor:

Suman Suneja is a qualified yoga teacher specialized in Laughter Yoga and has been teaching for almost 30 years in UAE. 

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