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Full Moon Circle w/ Raya Khatib (Women Only)

Full Moon Circle w/ Raya Khatib (Women Only)

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Saturday, October 28th from 7:00 - 8:30 PM, MVMNT Wellness Hub

All proceeds will be donated to Medical Aid for Palestinians (MAP)

Join us for a spirit-led full moon circle with Raya Khatib, founder of Qamar Wa Shams.

We will delve deep into the matters of the heart, focusing on the powerful theme of "Grief and Healing" within our heart chakra.

The Full Moon's Energy:

The full moon holds potent energy, making it the perfect time to release emotional blockages and embrace healing. As the moon reaches its peak, we too can reach a pinnacle of self-awareness and growth.

Opening Our Hearts:

During this circle, we will create a sacred space for each of us to share and connect on a profound level. Together, we will explore the depths of our heart chakra, addressing the grief felt collectively during this difficult time.

What to Expect:

  • Guided Meditation: We will begin with a soothing guided meditation, allowing us to center ourselves and tap into our heart's wisdom.

  • Heart Chakra Healing: Through introspective exercises and healing techniques, we'll work towards releasing any grief or unresolved emotions.

  • Group Support: Embrace the loving support of our circle as we listen, understand, and uplift each other.

  • Intentions and Release: We'll set intentions for healing and release, welcoming a newfound sense of peace and renewal.

  • Closing Ceremony: The circle will conclude with a beautiful closing ceremony, grounding our intentions into the universe.

Feel free to bring a journal, a cherished object, or anything that brings comfort and represents your journey.

Raya’s own mental health journey with Bipolar disorder coupled with her passion for mental wellness led her to offer techniques from multiple disciplines ranging from CBT to somatic therapy. 

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