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Emotional Support Session for Women w/ Aida & Aeshah

Emotional Support Session for Women w/ Aida & Aeshah

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Postponed, date TBD

All proceeds will be donated to Medical Aid for Palestinians (MAP).

In this session, we will explore the emotions we're experiencing during these times, such as anxiety, guilt, physical symptoms, helplessness, anger, frustration, and sadness. We'll also explore how to manage these emotions without negatively impacting our family and friends, as well as preventing them from taking a toll on ourselves. We will explore the lessons we can learn from current events and how to apply them within our families. Lastly, we will discuss ways to assist within our limited means, benefiting all parties.

The session will feature two segments of breathing exercises led by Aeshah. You will learn how to utilize your breath to release negative energy and reduce anxiety at home, and you'll be able to share these exercises with your children and loved ones.

In the final part of the session, you will have the opportunity to come together and create a video message aimed at reaching women in Gaza. This video aims to offer emotional support and demonstrate solidarity from us to them.

The session will be conducted in both Arabic and English.

About Aida: 

Aida Khnouf, Author of Rebirth Yourself, Founder of The Serenity Box and Serenity & Motivation, is an up-and-coming Motivational Speaker and Entrepreneur focused on inspiring and helping females. After beginning to take the steps in following her own path and dreams, she became a certified Life Coach, wrote her first book, and put her motive into motivating other women to let go of their hurts, heal from them, get back up, and focusing on loving and strengthening themselves. Using her own knowledge and life experiences, she has now made it a mission to help, serve, teach, and motivate others.

About Aeshah:

Aeshah Salah is an experienced Yoga and Pilates instructor with a career spanning back to 2018. She has worked extensively with various gyms and private clients, developing her expertise in the realms of breathing and meditation. Aeshah brings a deep understanding of these fundamental aspects of holistic well-being to her practice, enriching the experiences of her students.

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